It’s one of the most complex languages on Earth. Even the people who grow up with it struggle with its rules. Don’t even mention the rules behind the exceptions to the rules!

Chances are you’re going to need the services of a grammar guru at least once in life. The question is, who you gonna call?

Tamra Reed – Professional Grammar Geek

I’m not affiliated with Ghostbusters, but I do my fair share of blasting the theme song. Seriously, who doesn’t? If you don’t, you should try it.

I’m a professional editor. I specialize in editing, proofreading and copyediting for students, businesses and authors.

I know you’re amazing at what you do, but there are only so many hours in a day. You must use them wisely. And you have this file (or maybe two) full of words that need to be perfect! But you’re struggling. Probably for one of these all too common reasons:

  • You’re short of time.
  • You struggle with the rules of English.
  • You need a second pair of trained eyes.
  • You just don’t know what to do with those words

Maybe you’re staring at a blank file because you need words. I can help with that, too. I’m a seasoned copywritercreative writer and technical writer.

But Who Am I?

You’re interested in qualifications. You’re my kind of people.

  • AA in Business Communications: I earned an Associate’s Degree in Biz Comm between 2010 and 2012. My degree includes concentrations in journalism and mass media. I’m a University of Phoenix Alumni.
  • Children’s Literature Certification: I have a certification from the Institute of Children’s Literature in writing for children and young adults. I worked under the supervision of the successful Catherine Welch while completing the necessary criteria for this certification.
  • 15 Years of Experience: I started in the literary industry as a freelance writer in 2002. Since then, I’ve worked for two magazines as a contributing writer and editor, written countless blogs and articles for content agencies and business clients, and worked on indie projects including e-books, lead magnets and blogs.

I’m also a work-from-home professional. I’ve been conducting business from my home office since 2010. As a stay-at-home mother of three, I use my blog to keep my skills sharp and provide helpful information to other work-from-home professionals (including parents) and my clients.

Let’s Talk Services

What can I do for you?

That’s the important question, isn’t it? Well, here’s a sampling of the services you can contract:

Editing & Proofreading

We’re talking persnickety review here, people!

I’m a typo and stray punctuation bloodhound. You need your writing to be as perfect as humanly possible, and I’m here to do that for you.

  • Need to polish your writing so it keeps your GPA safe and your grades on track? I do that.
  • Need that business report to make a professionally perfect impression? I’m your pro.
  • Need a manuscript to snap, pop and fizzle WOW? I’m your editor.

I edit. I proofread. I’ll even advise you on what you should do, if I believe you’ll benefit from it. My goal is to polish your document until it shines.


Pick your poison – AP, APA, Chicago, MLA, Kindle what’ll it be?

I’ve yet to meet a document I cannot format. Contact me with your guidelines, and I’ll let you know if it’s within my wheelhouse.

Just so you know, I’m an academic essay expert. If you’re struggling with formatting a college paper in APA or MLA, I can help.

Copywriting & Technical Writing

From blogs and articles to social media posts and landing pages, I’ve been copywriting for the world of online publication since 2010. I know how to infuse your copy with personality, fact and storytelling.

I’m a pro researcher, and I take great pride in conducting thorough research before and during all of my writing projects. My research skills make me versatile and able to tackle any niche and industry. As a side note, I have personal professional experience in business management, content marketing, copywriting, mental health, optics and publishing.

I will never claim to be an SEO expert, but I keep current with the latest and greatest as it applies to writing copy. I can organically incorporate keywords and links to support your SEO efforts, and I’m knowledgeable of how to craft META titles and descriptions. Include your SEO needs when contacting me with your copywriting project.

Creative Writing

I’m a storyteller at heart; it’s my passion. I can assist you with creative writing projects ranging from co-authoring to ghostwriting. Just hit me with your brainstorm or current needs.

You Might Wonder

Is there anything I don’t do?

Why, yes! I’m glad you asked.

  • I don’t write unoriginal or plagiarized work.
  • I don’t take on projects I feel aren’t a match for my skills.
  • I don’t bullshit my clients because I value honesty.
  • I don’t write papers or essays for students.

Are We a Match?

I’d love to find out! Send me a message with your needs. I’ll respond within 24 hours.